2019 Computers in Libraries Conference

Computers in Libraries 2019 was an exciting experience to learn about trends and possibilities that new technologies offer libraries to help our communities.
One common idea percolated through many of the presentations. As librarians, we need to keep thinking outside the box. We need to look for attractive ways to help our patrons use and understand those new technologies. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to make them coders or programmers. Our niche is in assisting them to comprehend a new way of thinking. We have to provide them with fun ways of learning, make them aware of the gains and risks of the ever increasing power of search, and help them see the world with new eyes.
We aspire to make our patrons’ lives easier in regards to access to information. For that matter, smart assistants are increasingly being used in libraries. This brings an interesting situation. Decades ago, we were used to checking dozens of results in search engines. In time, we got comfortable reviewing just the first page of Google. Now, assistants like Siri may provide just one answer. How do we deal with this? How can we help our patrons navigate through such a universe?
Our increased access to new communication tools has allowed the creation of richer, expanded realities. How each person’s nuances and contexts deal with reality is challenging and exciting.
A new door has opened and our job is ushering our users.