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Anna Arenas… Italian by heritage, Venezuelan by birth, and American by choice

I came from a country where books were rare and expensive, trade magazines basically nonexistent, and libraries scarce and very restricted. Since my arrival, the public library has been the place where I have learned about the U.S. , about myself as an American, and also as an immigrant.

For more than fifteen years, I have volunteered at my local city library by teaching Spanish and developing their online presence including designing their website.

It is my dream to be an integral part of a library. My experience as an immigrant showed me I could give more to an institution that has provided so much growth for me and my family. That’s why I decided to get the Masters in Library and Information Sciences and hope to work in a library setting.

The current portfolio is organized by learning outcomes, following the guidelines of the University of South Florida, by linking some of the articles written during the courses. The portfolio also contains several of my informal writings posted on the discussion forums for some of the classes. Many ideas were generated during those discussions that I’d like to share. I believe those postings may provide a broader understanding of my views as a librarian.

Additionally, as a work in progress, I’m including some materials developed outside USF and other courses taken in Marketing, Management, and Data Science.